1:1 Health and Wellness Consulting services. I accept a select number of clients each year to ensure quality care and high-level support. Working from a holistic approach, we will optimize all areas of your life, so you feel your best and see rapid results. This is your opportunity to finally understand how to nourish your body, so you can confidently go through life!

Foundational Principles


It's estimated that 90% of illness and disease is related to stress. You can't always eliminate stress, but you can control how to manage it!


Not all exercise has to be marathon running or weight lifting. Finding healthy movement you love while building in time for rest is vital to your health!


You are what you eat. What you eat becomes your cells, your organs, and your hair! What you eat, how you eat it, and your relationship with food impact your health.


This is everything else around you! The house you live in, the air you breathe, the products you put on. It all makes you, you!

What to Expect

I personalize each offering and plan based on your health goals. Each plan is uniquely tailored to your needs! Here are some unique attributes your program will feature:

  • 1:1 virtual meetings for individualized attention and close support

  • Concierge services through daily access to Virginia for live-time support and questions

  • Personalized recommendations based on your unique bio-individuality and needs