Simple Period

A comprehensive, holistic, and foundational approach to balance your hormones and transform your health. Simple Period is an original 12-week program created to address the root cause of hormonal imbalances. This program provides you with the education, knowledge and resources understand the basic principles of your health and hormones so you're equipped to understand your body and empowered to make necessary changes. Together, we create the environment your body needs to heal so it can!

Foundational Principles


It's estimated that 90% of illness and disease is related to stress. Your body cannot heal in a stressful state, learn stress factors and how to manage it!

Gut + Liver

Your gut regulates your hormone levels and your liver helps get rid of used hormones. Supporting these organs are essential for overall hormone balance!


Your thyroid impacts every cell in your body and many women struggle with thyroid imbalances. Learn the basics of  thyroid health, disorders, and how to optimize thyroid function!


You are what you eat. What you eat becomes your cells, your organs, and your hair! Most women are undernourished; learn foundational principles of using food as medicine.


You metabolism determines how your food is converted to energy, and modern day habits can wreak havoc on it! Use basic lifestyle principles to support your metabolism.


This is everything else around you! The house you live in, the air you breathe, the products you put on. It all impacts your regulation and function of hormones. Learn to make healthier swaps in your everyday life!

What to Expect

Become an expert in your own health and hormones. Learn the fundamental principles of your body's needs so you can create the environment your body needs to heal! What you will recieve:

  • 1:1 virtual meetings for individualized attention and close support

  • Concierge services through daily 1:1 access to Virginia for live-time support and questions

  • 12 pre-recorded educational modules to watch during convenient times for you

  • Personalized recommendations based on your unique bio-individuality and needs

  • 50+ page hormone balancing recipe ebook with whole food-based recipes to support the gut and adrenals

  • PDF handouts for extra step-by-step support on specific topics